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Why Won't My CPA Answer Phone Calls or Respond to Emails?


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If your CPA never returns your calls or emails, you're not alone. The number one reason clients switch tax preparers is because they never respond.

I think this is bad business. Most of the value in working with a tax professional instead of doing it yourself is to talk to someone about things you may have missed and future steps you can take.

This means talking to you about your current tax return during tax filing season and then circling back during the summer to plan ahead.

Now it's true that time can be limited right before filing deadlines. Conversations that aren't about getting you and other people filed might need to be put on hold until after the deadline.

But when it's the summer slow season and you can't even get a reply about checking your estimated tax payments or what to do if you've started something new? That's not cool.

Sure, vacations happen, but if you got a vacation auto reply and a follow-up after, you're probably not complaining.

So what gives about your CPA not answering phone calls? The answer is simply that some businesses provide bad customer service.

Maybe your account isn't important enough to the firm. Maybe your tax preparer just doesn't care. There are a lot of people in every job that want to get paid without doing the work.

You deserve better. Let's talk.