What’s the Best Mileage Tracking App?

These are the best apps to track your standard mileage deduction. I put the best overall first, but some of the apps lower in the list might be better for your specific situation.

This post is provided for general information only. Please confirm the details and circumstances of your unique situation with your tax accountant or other appropriate advisor before taking action.

QuickBooks Mileage Tracking (Most Popular)

QuickBooks mileage tracking is built into QuickBooks. That makes it one of the most popular options, because QuickBooks is by far the most popular accounting software.

The mile tracking app is very easy to use. Just download it and set it up to automatically track your trips. You can then review your trips in the app to mark them as business or personal.

2. FreshBooks Mileage Tracker App (Best QuickBooks Alternative)

The FreshBooks Mileage Tracker App works similarly to the QuickBooks mileage app. If you’re just looking at the apps, it’s a 50/50 toss-up.

Where FreshBooks wins is being a simpler alternative to QuickBooks for independent contractors and small businesses. So if you like the idea of all-in-one accounting software but aren’t a fan of QuickBooks, FreshBooks is probably right for you.

3. MileIQ (Best Standalone Mileage App)

MileIQ is one of the older standalone mileage tracking apps and is very fine-tuned. It contains the standard features including automatic mileage tracking and swiping to classify your trips as business or personal.

MileIQ also has detailed mileage reports that make it great for businesses that need to track multiple drivers.

The only real downside is that its monthly price of $5.99 might make solo drivers who also need accounting software look for a combined option like QuickBooks or FreshBooks.

4. Stride (Best Free Option)

If you’re looking for a free mileage tracking app, check out the Stride app. This app has basic features to track your mileage and other expenses.

Stride Health is an insurance company that sells health, vision, life, and dental insurance. They use the app as a way to market to independent contractors and small businesses. You don’t need to be a Stride customer to use it, but they will show you ads for their insurance products.

The main drawback to the Stride App is that it doesn’t include as much detail as other apps. For example, it doesn’t track the start and stop times of your trips. This can make it harder for you to go back and remember what you were doing to categorize your trips. There are also some situations where the IRS might want this info to support your deductions.

Stride is better than nothing, but you might find you get better info and save more time by upgrading to a paid option.

5. Everlance (Best Freemium Option)

Everlance is an expense tracking company that offers services to both businesses and self-employed individuals. Their mileage tracking app has both free and paid options.

With the free tier, you can manually start and stop your trips. If you’ve been using a manual mileage log, this can save you time and may keep you better organized.

The free tier also includes 30 automatic trips per month, but that includes your personal trips. 30 trips might be enough for a side gig, but to keep your personal trips from using up your limit, you need to remember to turn off the app or be a really light driver.

If you upgrade to the premium tier, you can get automatic trip tracking. The app will also automatically classify your trips based on the work hours and locations you set.

6. Hurdlr (Commonly Recommended)

Hurdlr is another commonly recommended mileage tracking app. It works like Everlance with free and premium tiers.

The free tier has “semi-automatic” mileage tracking with no limits. The premium tier adds automatic tracking.

Hurdlr can also track your income and expenses. The free tier uses manual entry, while you can set up automatic tracking in the premium tier.

Other Options

Here are some other less common mileage tracking options.

  • Driversnote is an expense tracking app for independent contractors that tracks 20 trips per month for free and has unlimited trips for $9.50 per month.
  • Gridwise is a free mileage tracking app. It has a similar model to Mint.com where it includes promotions for other gig jobs, insurance, car leasing, and more. It didn’t make the main list because I haven’t seen much about it.
  • mBurse offers an automatic mileage tracking app. It says it’s for 1 user or 20,000, but with no public pricing, it’s really for larger businesses.
  • Motus offers tools for businesses looking to streamline their expense reimbursement.
  • SherpaShare is an app that tracks both your mileage and income and shares info with other rideshare drivers to help you find the best times and places to work.
  • TripLog provides expenses tracking tools for businesses with multiple employees.
  • Zoho is similar to QuickBooks and FreshBooks. It has an accounting suite that includes a mileage tracking app.

Does Grubhub, DoorDash, etc. keep track of mileage?

Many gig apps keep track of your mileage, but they’re nowhere near as useful as standalone mileage tracker apps. The reason is that these apps usually only track some of your deductible business miles.

It’s common that gig apps like DoorDash only track your mileage from the restaurant to the customer or when you have a rideshare passenger in your car. Your driving in between orders or passengers also generally counts as business mileage.

Mileage tracker apps track mileage whenever you’re driving so you won’t miss out on tax deductions.

Do I need to track my odometer for taxes?

If you use a mileage tracker app and claim the standard mileage deduction, you generally don’t need to track your odometer to have a compliant mileage log.

Mileage tracker apps track all of your business miles, so you don’t need to check your odometer to know your business mileage.

Another reason people check their odometer is to know their percentage of personal versus business mileage. Since mileage tracking apps track all of your miles, including personal miles, they can give you your personal versus business miles information.

Can I track mileage to and from work?

You should generally classify mileage to and from work or between home and your first and last stop as a personal trip in your mileage tracker app.

Mileage between work and homes counts as a commute whether you’re an employee or independent contractor. Commuting miles are generally not deductible business trips.

How do I file mileage on my taxes?

If you use tax filing software, it’s super easy to file mileage on your taxes.

If you take the standard mileage deduction, all you need to do is open up your mileage tracker app and enter your total mileage for the year. Your tax software will guide you through the info you need to enter.

A small number of people use their actual expenses instead of mileage (the standard mileage deduction gets a bigger deduction for most people). You’ll still need to have a mileage log, because your expenses will generally be based on what percentage of your mileage was for business.

How does the IRS verify mileage?

Like most things on your tax return, mileage tracking is mostly on the honor system. However, the IRS randomly selects people for audits and may also audit you if they notice you claimed an unusually high mileage deduction.

If the IRS audits your mileage, you’ll need to provide your mileage log and possibly additional proof that you were working when your mileage log says you were.

What is the penalty for not having a mileage log?

If you don’t have a mileage log, the IRS will likely deny your mileage deduction. You’ll have to pay the extra taxes you would have paid without that deduction.

You’ll also owe interest and the late payment penalty back to the original due date of your tax return. Depending on the size of the disallowed deduction and whether the IRS believes you made a reasonable effort to comply with the tax law, you may be charged additional penalties such as the accuracy-related penalty.

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