Best Soccer Referee Uniforms

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Many referee organizations have a soccer referee jersey, but you can still pick from several brands. If you work for an independent league, you may be able to pick any referee shirt you want.

What is the soccer referee uniform?

The basic soccer referee uniform consists of a jersey, black shorts, black shoes, and referee socks. While the socks are traditionally black, some referee uniforms now match the socks to the jersey color.

Standard referee shirt colors include yellow, black, green, blue, and red. Jerseys usually have pinstripes or some other pattern.

Additional equipment includes a whistle, watch, and flags. You’ll also need a notepad to keep score.

What is the best referee store?

Referees can choose to purchase uniforms from any website.

For U.S. Soccer referees, Official Sports has a sponsorship with USSF and is the only manufacturer that can use the U.S. Soccer logo. However, the logo is not a required part of the uniform, and referees can order from any supply.

Complaints about Official Sports have been increasing in recent years and include pricing, inconsistent sizing, poor customer service, and expensive and slow shipping.

Score is one of the most popular providers of budget referee shirts. Capelli, one of the most popular youth uniform providers, is expanding their referee business.

In Canada and Europe, Adidas is one of the most popular uniform suppliers as they are the official uniform supplier for the world cup.

If you’re looking to try on uniforms in person, many local sporting goods stores sell referee gear from one or more manufacturers.

Online retailers like Amazon sometimes offer better deals or perks like free shipping. Sites like eBay can be a good source of used uniforms from referees who quit.

What should you look for in soccer referee uniforms?

There are several things you should look for in referee uniforms.

  • True fit: Just like with buying any clothes, check online reviews to see if uniforms run large or small and have a consistent size. This is especially important when buying from a store that charges for return shipping.
  • Pockets: Get shirts and shorts with velcro pockets. If your pockets don’t close, your score sheets will go flying out while you run.
  • Shoes: Choose shoes for durability and a comfortable fit. If you prefer very tight shoes to play, you may not be able to run comfortably for multiple games. Check out the best soccer referee shoes for more information about shoes.
  • Durability: Check online reviews to see how a particular uniform holds up. You don’t want it falling apart in the wash or losing its color.

Can soccer refs wear pants?

Pants aren’t part of the official referee uniform. However, it’s common practice for referees to wear black pants in very cold weather.

Can soccer refs wear hats?

Referees don’t wear hats in high-level games. If you’re working multiple youth games in a day, hats are recommended for sun protection.

Why do soccer referees wear high socks?

Soccer referee uniforms were designed to match the players’ uniforms. Since players have to wear high socks to cover their shinguards, referees also wear high socks.

Why do referees wear two watches?

Referees wear two watches for two reasons.

First, if a battery fails, you have a backup.

Second, if you stop your watch to track stoppage time or because you’re in a high school league that stops the clock, you might forget to restart it (it happens a lot). You leave the second watch running to help you figure out the time.

Why do referees have two whistles?

Referees often carry two whistles. If you drop one, you can use the other one until you can clean it.

Referees also get whistles with two different sounds so they’re not using the same whistle as the referee on the field next to them.

Why do soccer refs wear pink?

Referees often wear pink jerseys in honor of breast cancer awareness month.

Some places regularly use pink referee jerseys since that isn’t a common color for players to use.

What should a new referee get?

Becoming a referee requires a large financial commitment. You don’t want to spend a lot of money and then find out it’s not for you.

Most new referees will want to get a basic starter kit with the essential items. Get the primary color shirt and one or two alternates.

If you continue as a referee, you can add more later. Look for holiday or end-of-season sales to get the best deal.

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