What’s the Best Under-the-Table Job that Actually Pays Cash Under the Table?

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If you need fast cash, an under-the-table job could be your best option. And while it’s called an under-the-table job, you’re perfectly free to take the money and report your taxes properly.

Why do you want an under-the-table job?

People that look for under-the-table jobs are usually looking for one of two things.

If you just need to make money quickly, check out the Best Same-Day Pay Jobs which include jobs that pay by direct deposit and app.

If you’re trying to avoid taxes, let’s talk about that first.

  • Tax evasion is a crime.
  • The IRS has an unlimited amount of time to charge you back taxes, interest, and penalties in cases of tax evasion.
  • When a business that pays under the table tries to deduct your income, they’re probably going to get audited and give up your name.
  • When you don’t report your income, you lower your Social Security benefits.
  • Even if you don’t think Social Security will be around when you retire, you also need to report your income to receive disability benefits if something happens to you.
  • Many cash workers couldn’t get unemployment and other COVID-19 relief because they had no income to show.

Can you get in trouble for working under the table?

It’s usually not illegal for you to get paid under the table as long as you file your taxes.

Businesses that pay under the table could get fines for things like not withholding taxes, not paying into unemployment, and not having workers’ compensation insurance.

Also, while people often call jobs that pay cash under the table, sometimes they just pay cash and aren’t actually under the table.

What are some good jobs that pay cash under the table?

If you’re looking at cash-paying jobs, here are some of the most popular.


Babysitting is one of the most popular ways to make extra cash that technically isn’t even under the table.

When parents pay you, they usually don’t have to 1099 you because you’re not a business. They usually only have to report taxes if you’re a full-on nanny. Check out Babysitter Taxes to learn more.

Just remember that not getting a 1099 doesn’t mean you’re not supposed to file a tax return and pay taxes.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting usually fits right in tax-wise with babysitting. It’s common to pay tax, and it’s common for there to not be any required paperwork.


There are two ways you can go about lawn mowing, yard cleaning jobs, or general landscaping.

One, you can find your own jobs and charge cash.

Two, many small landscaping companies offer under-the-table jobs that pay cash.

If you’re interested in the right way to file your taxes, see Lawn Care Taxes.

Refereeing Sports

Many youth and adult sports leagues are also willing to pay cash under the table. They don’t want to deal with the paperwork and usually say they don’t have to give you a 1099 because you’re working for a bunch of different teams.

You can learn more about becoming a soccer referee, hockey referee, football official, or baseball umpire in the linked guides. If you want to do your taxes properly, see Referee Taxes.

Personal Trainer

If you’re into sports but don’t want to get yelled at, personal trainers often work under the table as well. It’s not uncommon to have your clients pay cash at each session.

If you’re not an experienced coach, remember that total beginners and people just trying to get back in shape often need personal trainers the most.

Handyman and Other Odd Jobs

Another easy place to find under-the-table work is offering your services as a handyman.

Don’t know how to fix anything? Many people just need extra manual labor for things like raking leaves or moving furniture around.

And while we’re talking about furniture, assembling furniture from Ikea and other online stores is another popular service to offer.

Garage Sales

If you need extra money and to get rid of clutter, don’t forget the good old-fashioned garage sale.

Even better, you usually don’t owe any taxes on garage sales when you’re selling old things for less than you bought them for. So don’t feel bad about accepting Cash App or selling your things online.

Tipped Jobs

When you take tipped jobs like bartending, waiting tables, or driving for Uber, you can usually expect to take home a wad of cash.

Two things to remember:

  • Your base pay and credit card tips probably won’t be paid in cash
  • Your employer may have to report a minimum amount in tips even if you get tipped in cash

Is Cryptocurrency money under the table?

If you’re looking for a way to make money without paying taxes, cryptocurrency is not a good idea (beyond the usual penalties for tax evasion).

The IRS is really cracking down on cryptocurrency reporting. It now requires both businesses that pay you and cryptocurrency exchanges to report more transactions.

When you file your tax return, you also have to certify whether or not you received any cryptocurrency. If you say no, that gives the IRS something else to charge you with if you get caught cheating.


If you’re looking to get paid fast, there are many good cash jobs as well as other jobs you might want to consider. If you’re trying to not pay taxes, it may be easier to get caught and come with bigger penalties than you might think.

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