Tax Filing and Planning

Why Did My Refund Go Down When I Added a W-2?

If you’re preparing your own tax return, it’s not uncommon to see your estimated refund go down when you add a W-2 for your second job and/or a spouse even though you had taxes withheld on those wages. Similarly, if you added a second job this year or your spouse went back to work, you could see a lower refund than you were expecting. Here’s what’s happening.

Which Tax Software Gets You a Bigger Tax Refund?

If tax software or a tax preparation company tells you they can get you a higher refund than everyone else, find someone else. Your refund depends on how much you paid during the year and doing your taxes correctly. Any competent tax professional preparing your tax return should come up with the exact same numbers.

Tax Guide for Attorneys

Whether you’re newly licensed or are looking to start your own law firm, the IRS will want its cut. And unfortunately, the fee sharing rules don’t apply to taxes. This tax guide for attorneys tells you how to get started.