Schedule C Tax Form

If you have business income as an independent contractor, gig worker, or sole proprietorship, you’ll need to include Schedule C with your personal tax return.

IRS Form 1099-K

With the requirements to get a 1099-K Form changing to receiving $600 or more in payments, there’s a much greater chance that you’ll have your payment transactions reported to the IRS. Does this mean you have to report those payments on your tax return? If so, what deductions can you take?

1099-K and 1099-NEC Overlap

Many contractors have problems with clients issuing a 1099-NEC when the payments also get reported on a 1099-K. You may need to know:

  • How to file your taxes if your income gets double reported.
  • How to respond to the IRS if they think you didn’t report all of your income.

Attorney Tax Guide: Tax Deductions for Solo Attorneys in 2022

Whether you’re newly licensed or are looking to start your own law firm, the IRS will want its cut. And unfortunately, the rule that says you can’t share fees with non-lawyers doesn’t apply to Uncle Sam. Here’s what you need to know to plan ahead and what tax deductions you can use to reduce what you owe.