CP13 Notice: The IRS Made Changes to Your Tax Return

If you’ve received a CP13 notice, it means the IRS made changes to your return. You don’t need to pay extra, and won’t be getting an additional refund.

This might be because you weren’t using the full amount of a non-refundable tax credit or because you had a large enough deduction to keep your income in the 0% bracket. The IRS may also reduce the amount you owe to zero because they think it is too small to be worth collecting.

If what I owe on my tax return didn’t change, why should I care about a CP13 notice?

There are two common reasons you should look into why the IRS made changes.

1. It changed your reported income.

In addition to taxes, your AGI might be used to calculate things such as Obamacare subsidies, student loan repayments, Medicaid eligibility, or other income-contingent programs.

If your wages or net business income were changed, it could also affect your Social Security earnings.

2. There might be other mistakes on your return.

Even if the IRS already changed your tax return, it doesn’t mean there are no more mistakes. There could be other mistakes the IRS didn’t catch.

For example, you might have not claimed a deduction because you filled out a form incorrectly. When the IRS tried to correct the form, it might have made changes that it thought were accurate because it didn’t have all the information it needed.

If you go back and amend your return to fill out the form properly, you might be able to take the deduction and receive a refund.

What is the notice deadline for a CP13?

CP13 tax notices generally don’t have a listed deadline. That’s because the IRS isn’t asking you to do send any information or pay any money.

If you do disagree with any part of the notice, call the IRS toll-free number as soon as possible. You can also visit irs.gov/cp13.

What do I do if I think my refund should have been larger?

You have two options if you review the IRS changes and realize that you made a mistake but the IRS didn’t fully correct it.

  • If the IRS made a specific error such as saying you weren’t qualified for a credit you claimed, you can disagree with the IRS and respond to the CP13 notice.
  • If you made an error and the IRS changes didn’t properly fix it, you’ll probably want to file an amended return with the correct information.

Does a CP13 Notice let me off the hook if I think I owe more taxes?

In some cases, you may realize that you made an error and should have paid more in taxes.

A CP13 is not saying that you don’t owe more, that you filed your return properly, or that you won’t be audited in the future. A CP13 is saying that the IRS found a calculation error and made correct calculations based on the information you gave.

To avoid possible interest and penalties in the future, you should file an amended return.

What if I completely agree with the IRS?

If you agree with the changes the IRS made and don’t believe you made any other errors, no response is needed. You can save the CP13 with the rest of your tax documents.


You usually don’t have to do anything with a CP13 notice because the changes are so small. However, it may still be a good idea to go over your original tax return again in case you missed something else.

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14 thoughts on “CP13 Notice: The IRS Made Changes to Your Tax Return”

  1. i believe I am due back $846 dollars I paid from my bank account because I already paid $5125 in taxes and the IRS applied $28 from my 2018 return which totals $5153 please advise

    • Check the difference between the “total tax” and “total payments and credits” under IRS calculations on your notice. If it’s $846, you should be getting that as a refund within 4-6 weeks. If not, call the IRS or bring your notice to a tax professional.

      You can also confirm your current account balance or refund by logging into your IRS online account. If you’re owed a refund, you can use the IRS Where’s My Refund tool to track it.

  2. I didn’t recieve my third check and filed through Tax Slayer witch said that I would get it. But now recieved the CP13 letter but can’t get through by phone or internet. Please tell me what happened. I’m disabled and could really use the money.

    • Does the notice give any information saying whether you were not eligible for the stimulus payment, you already received it, or another reason why the IRS changed it? Can you copy the explanation under Changes to Your Tax Return (just the general explanation not the amount due or your personal information)?

      The best thing to do is to keep trying to contact the IRS.

  3. Been trying to call and couldn’t get through, about a cp13 letter. It said I was not getting the refund I claimed on my return. The letter showed information on my tax calculations was the same as the IRS calculations. So why am I not getting my refund?

  4. I have been Retired since 2010 but was told to file a tax return this year is I want my stimulate check. I got a letter today saying that my form 1040R. IRS changed my return and now they are telling me that I don’t get my stimulus. 70 years of age I am and life is tough on 19000 only. I need the money. the first stimulus check was put directly in my checking account. why the change. Did you think I would conveniently die.

  5. I have been trying to get someone to answer my question??? I need to find out what the hell happened to my stimulus check $1,400.00 I never got that last year or this year. The IRS is telling me they already sent it to me but my bank does not show any deposit and nothing came in the mail, so who got my $1,400 stilmulus and who got my last stimulus $600 from last year. Who can I talk to so that they can show me who got my stimulus money, if check who signed it, if deposit WHERE DEPOSITED, WHICH BANK, UNDER WHO’S NAME

  6. I received the CP13 notice and have been trying to get in touch with you both on the phone and the internet. All attempts have resulted in being requested to call back or couldn’t locate the link to disagree with your decision. You made all EIS payments electronically to our bank accounts therefore providing proof of lack of payment on EIS3. My 2021 tax return should not have been amended or changed by you since only half of the third stimulus payment was received. You can see the amount of payment by looking at my bank account statement(s). Please consider this comment as a request to reverse your changes to my 2021 tax return and issue the refund. Thank you for your time and understanding of this issue.

    • This is not the IRS. To respond to an IRS notice, use the fax number or mailing address on the notice. If you aren’t sure if the notice is valid, you would need to call the IRS until you can get through.

  7. I have tried calling several times, did online too ,never got a response, I know you are busy, just wanted to let you know that someone had filed a tax return using my name and SS numbers .I also wanted to inform you that I recently moved and did not get my stimulus payments. I have no dependents, am only receiving Social Security pension from my deceased ex husband and I am presently unemployed. Thanks to all of you if you can help me get this matter resolved. Have a wonderful day. Happy Fourth!