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A CP13A notice means the IRS made changes to your Earned Income Credit but it did not change what you owe. The difference between a CP13 notice and a CP13A notice is that the CP13A is specifically for the Earned Income Credit, while the CP13 is for other issues.

Why does this IRS notice matter if my tax bill didn’t change?

There may be other errors on your tax return that mean you should have received a larger refund or have potential liability in a future audit. You can review general information on the CP13 notice page.

With respect to the Earned Income Credit specifically, there is a chance the IRS may rule that you’re ineligible for the credit in the future if you made errors. Having adjustments to the credit in past years may also increase your audit risk in future years.

You should go back and make sure you claimed the credit properly and have proper supporting documentation. If you disagree with the IRS’s changes, you should respond even if it doesn’t change your liability this year. If you find other errors in your return, you should file an amended return.

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