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The IRS sends a CP32A Notice when your refund check expires without being cashed. It might have gotten lost in the mail, or you may have moved and forgotten to forward your mail.

Does a CP32A Notice Change My Tax Bill?

A CP32A does not mean that you owe more or less taxes. You simply didn’t cash the check the IRS sent.

Of course, if you weren’t expecting a refund, you should go to and review your account. In addition, if you aren’t sure if a notice is real, call the number on the IRS website not on the notice.

Why Do I Need to Call the IRS?

You need to call the IRS to verify your identity and your current address. They’ll also remind you not to cash the original check if you find it.

What if I Requested Direct Deposit?

It’s possible that you didn’t fill out the form correctly or the IRS couldn’t verify your bank account. If you never received your direct deposit and were expecting a refund, the IRS may have decided to send a check instead. At this point, you’ll need to call the IRS for a replacement check to get your refund.

3 replies to CP32A Notice: What Does it Mean and How Should You Respond?

  1. I am writing in answer to CP32A notice I received dated July 26 2021. I received my $24,000 check in 2020. At the time it was after my husband passed away in Feb 2020. I could not cash it because he could not sign it and bank would not cash it. I returned check along with a note explaining why I was returning it. I filed my taxes in March 2021, Included form asking for that and the $600.00 that I also did not receive. I am still waiting for my tax refund to be deposited in my bank account. Please advise or answer why I have not received it yet. [Personal Info Redacted].

    1. This is not the IRS. You must use the mailing address or fax number on your IRS notice to respond. If you aren’t sure if the notice is valid, call the number on the IRS website (don’t trust the number on a notice you aren’t sure is valid).

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