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CP 54 notices such as CP54B, CP54E, or CP54G are IRS notices requesting additional information. This is usually to verify your name, Social Security Number, or tax identification number.

You can view an example of this notice on the IRS website.

What’s the Difference Between Each Type of CP54 Notice?

These notices are identical except for the specific piece of information the IRS is asking for or what it will do with that information.

  • CP54B Notice: The IRS won’t process your refund without more information.
  • CP54E Notice: The IRS needs additional info to apply your estimated tax payments.
  • CP54G Notice: General request to verify information.
  • CP54Q Notice: Reminder that the IRS sent you some other CP54 notice and hasn’t received your response.

Why Did You Receive a CP54 Notice?

For some reason, either your name or tax identification number didn’t match the information the IRS already has. This could be due to:

  • A typo by you or your tax preparer.
  • A name change.
  • A recent update to your info with the Social Security Administration.
  • Obtaining a new tax identification number.

In some cases, a CP54 notice may also result from identity theft where someone attempted to file a return or obtain a refund using your information.

How Should You Respond to a CP54 Notice?

First, verify that the CP54 notice is about something you filed with the IRS. For example, check that you filed a tax return for the year stated and look at your copy of that tax return to see if there was either a possible error or a recent change that the IRS might not be aware of. You should also search the phone number and address on the notice to verify that they actually belong to the IRS.

If you’re sure it’s safe to provide the information, send it in as instructed by the notice.

If you believe you may have been the victim of identity theft, don’t understand why the IRS sent you the notice, or aren’t sure if the notice is valid, go to the IRS website and look up the phone number for your area.

If you receive a CP54Q notice after you already sent in your information, it may simply be because the IRS hadn’t processed it by the time it mailed the CP54Q notice (processing can take several weeks). You can probably ignore the CP54Q notice, but it’s safer to call the IRS to confirm.

Will I Owe Money?

A CP54 notice is a request to confirm your name or tax identification number not an audit. It generally won’t affect what you owe because the IRS isn’t reviewing the dollar amounts on your tax return.

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