Does OnlyFans Mail Your 1099?

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OnlyFans will mail your 1099. Here’s what you can do.

Does OnlyFans send mail to your house?

There is usually only one thing that OnlyFans sends in the mail. That’s your 1099 tax form.

This can be a big privacy concern if you don’t want your family to know that you’re doing OnlyFans.

While OnlyFans also allows you to access your 1099 in your online account, there’s no way to opt out of receiving a copy in the mail. The IRS doesn’t require companies to mail 1099s if they send them electronically, so this may be a way of OnlyFans trying to confirm your identity.

How can you protect your privacy if you do OnlyFans?

Your OnlyFans 1099 won’t say OnlyFans on it. It comes from the technology company Fenix International Limited that owns OnlyFans.

Of course, if someone really wants to know why Fenix International sent you mail, they could search the name online and easily find the company owns OnlyFans.

The only way to truly protect your privacy is to use a PO Box or another address. To avoid problems with state taxes, use an address in the same state (and city if you have city taxes).

Will your tax return say OnlyFans on it?

Your tax return doesn’t necessarily have to say OnlyFans on it. You don’t have to attach your 1099s to your tax return.

You will have to complete a Schedule C which includes describing your business activities. You can generally be as vague as you want to as long as you’re not lying (such as saying you drove for Uber when you didn’t).

Your online tax transcript will show that you received a 1099 from Fenix International, but you usually don’t have to show your full tax transcript. In some cases, lenders or others may ask for copies of your 1099s for additional verification.

Do your parents need to know you worked for OnlyFans?

If you were under 19 during the year or were a student under 24 during the year, your parents will need to know if they can claim you as a dependent. Generally, they can claim you as a dependent if they provided more than half of your support.

You don’t have to give your parents a copy of your tax return or 1099. You don’t even need to tell them exactly how much you made. Of course, you’ll need to decide how you want to answer their questions.

How do taxes work for OnlyFans?

You’ll have to pay income taxes and self-employment taxes on your earnings. You may also have to pay state income taxes depending on where you live.

If you have qualifying business expenses, you can claim them to reduce your income.

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