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Understanding Union County Florida Property Taxes


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In the heart of North Central Florida lies Union County, a region known for its dynamic community and hard-working residents. A significant aspect of maintaining the county’s public services, infrastructure, and safety lies in the determination and collection of property taxes. The funds gathered from these taxes play a vital role in preserving and enhancing the quality of life in Union County, Florida. As a resident, understanding the process of how these taxes are calculated, paid, and what exemptions might be available is beneficial not only in your personal financial planning but also to contribute effectively to local development.

Significance of Property Taxes in Union County, Florida

The Role of Property Taxes in Union County

Property taxes in Union County, Florida, play a crucial role in funding local public services that are essential for maintaining a comfortable living environment in the community. This levy contributes significantly to the financial resources that support quality education in public schools, ensure public safety, and facilitate the maintenance and enhancement of local infrastructure. By providing financial support for these services, property taxes bolster the quality of life in the county and directly contribute to its development and prosperity.

Comprehending Property Taxes in Union County

The calculation of property taxes within Union County is influenced by the property’s assessed value which is determined by the Property Appraiser’s Office. This tax base is instrumental in applying tax rates and directly affects the tax amount paid by homeowners yearly. The revenue generated from these taxes is distributed across multiple public service sectors. Primary beneficiaries of these funds commonly include public schools, public safety initiatives such as police and emergency services, as well as the maintenance and enhancement of the county’s infrastructure. Consequently, shifts in property values dictated by factors such as housing market dynamics and home upgrades, can significantly influence not only personal tax obligations, but also the range and quality of available public services in Union County.

How to Determine and Pay Your Property Tax in Union County, Florida

Property Tax Calculation in Union County, Florida

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