How to Apply To Be a Uber Driver

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You can sign up to be an Uber Driver through the Uber app as long as you meet a few basic requirements. These include having a valid driver’s license, being able to pass a background check, and having an approved car.

Why become a rideshare driver?

There are many reasons why people choose to drive for Uber whether it’s as a side hustle or a full-time job. Some of the most common reasons include the following.

Get paid fast

Earnings are deposited into your bank account every week. You can also sign up for instant pay and get paid up to five times per day.

Drive when you want

Uber lets you earn whenever, anywhere, and however you want. You don’t have to claim shifts or schedule ahead. You just turn on the app when you want to work.

What do you need to become an Uber driver?

Uber has been working hard to make it easier for people to become drivers. Now, the ride-sharing app wants to make it even simpler. In fact, Uber says it plans to roll out a new feature called “driver applications,” where prospective drivers can fill out an online form and submit their information. They’ll receive a response within 10 days.

The company says it uses a combination of data science and human review to determine whether someone is eligible to become a driver. If approved, they’ll receive a phone call to confirm their eligibility. Once that happens, they’ll be able to start driving.

Uber driver requirements

The ride-hailing giant is requiring that all Uber drivers meet certain qualifications before they are allowed to drive for the company. Those include having a valid driver’s license, being 21 or older, passing a background check, and maintaining a clean driving record.

Uber vehicle requirements

Uber has various vehicle requirements depending on which tier of Uber service you want to be eligible for. You’ll also have to bring your car in for an inspection.

If you don’t have a car that qualifies, there are several services that allow you to rent approved cars to drive for Uber including major rental car companies and several dedicated rideshare rental car companies. Hertz and Hyrecar are popular options.

Uber vehicle inspection

To drive for Uber, you need to pass an inspection. This includes checking your vehicle’s mechanics and safety features. You’ll need to submit your car for an inspection within 30 days of applying for a driver account.

UberX vehicle requirements

Most car models year 2006 or earlier qualify to drive with UberX. This is the lowest Uber tier, so it has the easiest requirements to meet. On the other hand, this tier also has the lowest pay.

Note: If you qualify for more than one tier, you can take rides in all the tiers you qualify for.

UberXL vehicle requirements

UberXL is Uber’s service tier for larger groups of passengers. To qualify for this tier, you’ll need a vehicle that can hold at least six people. This can include SUVs and minivans.

UberBlack vehicle requirements

This is Uber’s premium service. It requires a luxury sedan or SUV no more than six years old.

In addition, your vehicle must have a black interior and exterior. Uber wants to give riders a luxury experience in this tier. Most drivers who join this tier are full-time drivers who buy their vehicles specifically for Uber.

Uber insurance requirements

Uber doesn’t require you to have any special type of insurance because they cover you while you have passengers. However, when you don’t have passengers, Uber doesn’t consider you to be working for them, and their insurance doesn’t cover you.

You’ll usually need to get a rideshare add-on to your personal car insurance policy or a separate commercial auto insurance policy. Otherwise, your personal insurance typically won’t cover you if something happens while you’re trying to get Uber rides. It’s also possible that you could be cited for not having insurance.

Uber Edume Course

Before you can get started, Uber requires you to take their Edume course.

This course will teach you everything you need to know about the Uber app from setting up your account, to booking rides and tracking your earnings. It shows you how to set up your profile, add payment methods, and much more.

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll get instructions on how to bring your vehicle in to complete the inspection and finalize your application process.

Uber taxes

As an Uber driver, you’ll be an independent contractor responsible for your own taxes. Check out this Uber Driver Tax Guide to learn more.

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