How to Quit Instacart as a Shopper (Hint: Don’t Do Anything)

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If you want to quit being an Instacart shopper, it’s probably better to not do anything. But if you really want to quit, here’s what you need to do.

Option 1: Just Go Inactive

The easiest and maybe best option if you want to quit Instacart is to just go inactive. You have no requirement to take any number of jobs or to work at any time. You also don’t have to give notice like in a regular job.

This is the best option in case you ever want to go back to Instacart. For example, maybe you think Shipt is a lot better right now. In a few months, Instacart will probably beat out Shipt again.

If Instacart was a temporary job and you go back to your main field of work, maybe after a few months of not taking orders you’ll want to do the occasional Instacart order when you’re bored.

Instacart may eventually deactivate your account for inactivity, but they have no set rules on this in their terms of service. You also won’t find consistent answers from Instacart shoppers on reddit or other online forums.

If Instacart does deactivate you, you can usually just call and say you’d like to be reactivated. They will generally welcome you back as long as your deactivation was for being inactive rather than for bad ratings or other violations.

Option 2: You Really Want to Quit

If you absolutely, positively want to quit Instacart and not come back, you can also call the shopper support number. They’ll usually ask you why and then deactivate you.

The reason many people take this option is that Instacart will keep emailing you and texting you to work if you just go inactive. There are a few steps you can take before quitting entirely:

  • Log in to your shopper account and turn off as many notifications as possible
  • Block or mute the Instacart text number on your phone
  • Set up an email filter or mark Instacart emails as spam

That way, if you ever want to go back to Instacart, all you need to do is open up the app and turn those notices back on.

What happens to your taxes after you quit Instacart?

When you quit Instacart, you’ll have to file one last Instacart tax return for the final year you had Instacart earnings.

You’ll get your final 1099 in January at the same time as usual. If you’re completely locked out of your Instacart account and they don’t mail it to you, you can call shopper support to request a copy.

What are some similar jobs to Instacart?

Shipt is the most similar Instacart alternative since they provide the same type of grocery delivery service. You may also want to look at other food delivery services that pick up from restaurants or other gig economy apps like Uber.

Other people prefer to pick up a side hustle that’s more closely related to their main work or that at least lets them have a little fun.

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