Instacart Account Deactivated After Background Check

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When Instacart activates you, you might think you’re good to go. Here’s what’s going on when your Instacart account is deactivated after your background check.

Instacart Does Multiple Background Checks

Instacart does its background checks in phases.

First they search national databases for criminal history, driving records, and sex offender status. If you pass the first check, they’ll often activate your account.

After your first background check, Instacart does a more in-depth check of county records. These records sometimes don’t come up in the national checks.

If Instacart sees something they don’t like in the county checks, they may deactivate your account.

Instacart Does Renewal Background Checks

Instacart doesn’t just run a background check when you become an Instacart shopper. They’ll also run periodic background checks on existing shoppers.

Instacart says they run a background check every year, but they may do more frequent checks or get alerts about new information.

If your account was deactivated long after you became an Instacart shopper, there’s a good chance it’s because of a renewal background check.

If there’s nothing new in your background, it’s possible that they missed something in the original check. It’s also possible that your name or other information is similar to someone else and Instacart confused you with that person.

Note: If you get deactivated, you won’t be able to claim new orders, but you’ll still be able to access your account to see things like your Instacart tax information and earnings history.

Appealing an Instacart Background Check

As a private company, Instacart is generally allowed to disqualify any contractor for any non-discriminatory reason. There are only a few places where state or local law limits how far back Instacart can look or what information they can consider.

In most cases, you can only appeal the facts found on your background check. For example, if there’s a criminal conviction that wasn’t yours, you can appeal saying it’s the wrong person.

Instacart outsources background checks to private companies including Checkr and Sterling. If your background check is denied, the background check company will send you an email with information about how to appeal.

How do you get the results of your Instacart background check?

Under state and federal law, you generally have the right to receive a copy of a background check that resulted in losing a job or other negative consequences against you.

How much detail you’re entitled to will depend on where you live and your local laws.

Your background check denial notice should explain how to get a free copy of the report that was used to deny your background check.

If you didn’t receive the notice, contact Checkr or Sterling. If you’re not sure who to contact, ask Instacart who did your background check.

Why does Instacart deny background checks?

Instacart doesn’t have a list of exactly what will disqualify you when they do a background check. It likely varies by where you live since some places limit what information Instacart can use against you.

For example, it’s generally known that Uber will deny a background check for a recent DUI, and Instacart likely does the same.

However, if your local law says employers can’t deny you for a DUI more than 5 years ago, Instacart can’t deny you for a DUI 6 years ago even if they would deny shoppers in other areas for that reason.

Can you sue Instacart for denying your background check?

You can generally only sue Instacart if they break the law. This can include:

  • Using records older than allowed by law
  • Using convictions or other information not allowed by law
  • Other types of discrimination

You generally can’t sue Instacart for denying you for a reason not protected by law. For example, if their policy is no DUI convictions, you can’t sue just because you disagree with the policy. You’d have to state what law Instacart is violating by having that policy.

Instacart activating your account generally doesn’t give you the right to sue if they later deactivate your account. You typically don’t have an ongoing right to work for Instacart.

If you believe Instacart wrongly denied your background check, you may want to contact an employment lawyer. An attorney who handles Fair Credit Reporting Act cases may also be able to help you with issues with the accuracy of your background check or obtaining copies of your reports.

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