IRS Identity Theft Protection Notices

If you’ve received one of these notices, don’t panic. The IRS is following up on your identity theft protection request.

This post is provided for general information only. Please confirm the details and circumstances of your unique situation with your tax accountant or other appropriate advisor before taking action.

Notice 1450

IRS Notice 1450 always sends taxpayers in a needless panic. Many people get an image of an IRS letter in their USPS Informed Delivery email, see notice 1450 on the letter, and find Publication 1450 when they search for 1450.

Notice 1450 is what the IRS uses to send you your identity theft protection PIN. Publication 1450 is about tax liens. Notice 1450 has nothing to do with tax liens.

Again, do not panic if you get notice 1450. You do not owe money. You are not getting audited. You do not have a tax lien. You’re just getting your identity theft protection PIN. (Unless you’ve gotten other notices or letters, but you don’t need to worry about 1450.

CP01A Notice

IRS Notice CP01A explains how to use your Identity Protection Personal Identification Number (IP PIN).

This notice explains:

  • IRS records show you were previously a victim of identity theft
  • You notified the IRS of possible identity theft
  • You requested an IP PIN
  • What your assigned IP PIN is
  • That you will need to enter your IP PIN when you file your tax return

CP01B Notice

Notice CP01B says the IRS needs more information to process your tax return. This is usually just an identity verification. You can either call the IRS or use their Identity Verification Service.

CP01C Notice

Notice CP01C informs you that the IRS placed an identity theft indicator on your account. The IRS will notify you if more action is needed.

If the CP01C Notice is a surprise to you, you may want to review your financial accounts and credit report for possible identity theft. Read this post to learn more ways to protect your identity.

CP01E Notice

The IRS sends Notice CP01E when it believes someone else may have used your Social Security Number to obtain employment. Your taxes should not be affected, but you should review your return and refund to make sure.

You may also want to take additional steps to protect your identity.

CP01H Notice

Notice CP01H Notice says that the IRS is unable to process a tax return because records show an individual on the tax return died prior to the tax year of the return submitted.

If Notice CP01H is incorrect, first contact the Social Security Administration to correct the situation. You can only correct the tax return issue with the IRS after the Social Security Administration adjusts their records.

If Notice CP01H is correct, you may need to file an estate tax return instead.

How long does it take to get your tax refund if you get a CP01 Notice?

Identity theft issues can cause tax refund delays. Scammers file false claims for tax refunds under other people’s identity, so the IRS does extra checks to try to stop this from happening.

  • If you receive one of the notices that says to contact the IRS, the IRS will not process your refund until you contact them. After you contact the IRS, the minimum time to get your refund is two to four weeks. It may take longer if the IRS is backed up or has to do additional checks after talking to you.
  • If your notice does not say to contact the IRS, the IRS may still put your refund on hold to do additional checks. The IRS says manual reviews of tax returns with refund issues are sometimes taking as long as three to four months. In many cases, you’ll still get your refund within a few weeks, but there’s no way to know for sure what the IRS will do.

Check the IRS Where’s My Refund tool to see the current status of your refund and estimated arrival time.

Updating Your Address if You Have an IP PIN

Once you request an IP PIN, the IRS will send a new PIN each year. You must use your current PIN to file your tax return. If you move, file Form 8822 Change of Address to provide the IRS with your new mailing address.

What if you can’t find your IP PIN?

If you lost your IP PIN, you can

  • Use the IRS Get an IP PIN tool
  • Call the IRS at 1-800-908-4490
  • File your tax return on paper by mail, but this will delay your refund because the IRS will review your return to make sure it’s yours

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