Is Becoming a QB ProAdvisor Worth It?

If you’re thinking about becoming a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, here’s what you should know.

What is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor?

The QuickBooks ProAdvisor program allows accountants and bookkeepers to take certification tests to prove their QuickBooks skills. Once they become certified, they can also join a directy of accountants and bookkeepers available to help clients with QuickBooks.

Becoming a QuickBooks ProAdvisor also qualifies you for a free accountant’s subscription to most QuickBooks services. Your personal copy of the software is free, and you can get discounted copies for your clients to either pass on the savings or sell at a profit.

Becoming a ProAdvisor costs nothing, but you do need to spend several hours taking the online courses and exams.

Can joining the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program get you new business?

QuickBooks ProAdvisors get placed in a directory that’s readily accessible from QuickBooks Online. When clients need help with QuickBooks, there’s a good chance they’ll look for a ProAdvisor.

This certification might not be that valuable to established accountants and bookkeepers. The ProAdvisor program isn’t too widely known outside of QuickBooks’s onsite marketing. Most people assume accountants and bookkeepers are already familiar with QuickBooks since it’s usually the default choice.

What’s the future outlook for the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program?

QuickBooks has been pushing getting bookkeeping help within QuickBooks Online for some time. ProAdvisors are part of that for now.

A good thing to watch is probably what Intuit is doing with TurboTax. TurboTax now has tax accountants who are employed by Intuit to help all TurboTax users. There’s a chance that QuickBooks could move towards a similar model with support offered by its own employees.

Is it good to only focus on QuickBooks?

Being a ProAdvisor doesn’t mean you have to exclusively use QuickBooks, but it will probably mean spending more of your time on QuickBooks. QuickBooks is still the dominant accounting and bookkeeping software provider by far, but there are two trends to follow.

First, there are more QuickBooks competitors than ever, and they are growing in popularity. Second, QuickBooks complaints continue to rise. QuickBooks is a very complex program, and the SaaS model allows competitors to develop niche solutions that are better tailored for specific uses.

As many people have been saying for years, the real value in bookkeeping and accounting will continue to shift towards advisory roles rather than punching numbers and helping with software.

Where can you learn QuickBoooks?

There are many places to learn QuickBooks. The ProAdvisor program provides some training, but it really isn’t enough if you have no familiarity with QuickBooks or other bookkeeping tools. You can try the Skillshare QuickBooks courses or similar QuickBooks learning opportunities.

If you’re an accountant moving from another speciality, don’t forget to sign up for QuickBooks Online Accountant. You’ll get free access to their software so you can learn by trial and error. Once you start signing clients, you’ll also be able to offer them discounted QuickBooks subscriptions.


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