Is Google AdSense Revenue Taxable?

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Do you have Google AdSense ads on your blog or website? Here’s what you’re going to owe in taxes.

Are earnings from Google AdSense taxable?

Yes, income from any source is taxable. This includes your revenue from Google AdSense or any other online advertising platforms you use to monetize your website.

How are Google AdSense earnings taxed?

Your ad revenue is business income. Even if your website is small, you’re still in the business of selling paid advertisements.

You’ll owe income tax, self-employment tax, and Medicare tax on Google AdSense earnings depending on your total income and tax bracket.

Does Google AdSense send a 1099?

Yes, you will receive a 1099 from Google AdSense if you earn $600 or more in a year. Keep in mind that earning less and not receiving a 1099 does not exempt you from taxes. If you’re required to file a tax return, you must report every dollar you earned.

Note that Google will not send you a payment until you provide your tax information. This is explained when you open your account.

Do I have to give Google my Social Security Number?

You must provide Google with tax information to participate in the AdSense program. You can use an Employer Identification Number instead of a Social Security Number if you have one. An EIN is a tax identification number for businesses that works similarly to SSNs. If you use an EIN as a sole proprietor, you’ll receive a 1099 under your EIN but still file a single tax return.

How do I report taxes on earnings from AdSense?

When you file your tax return, you’ll need to include your earnings on a Schedule C. Schedule C attaches to your Form 1040 and reports business earnings. If you have business expenses, such as web hosting, you can deduct those on your same Schedule C. Therefore, you’ll only be tax on your profits instead of your total ad revenue.

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