Missouri Personal Property Tax Waiver

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If you need to show proof that you paid your personal property taxes when you didn’t owe any, you can request a tax waiver.

When do you need a tax waiver?

The most common situation you may need a tax waiver is when registering a vehicle or renewing license plates. That’s why many people call a personal property tax waiver a vehicle tax waiver.

Normally, you have to show the DMV a personal property tax receipt showing that you don’t have unpaid personal property taxes. If you don’t show the tax receipt or a tax waiver, you won’t be allowed to register your vehicle.

You may also need to show a tax receipt or waiver for other services.

Who can get a tax waiver?

You can usually get a tax waiver if you fall into one of these categories:

  • You moved to Missouri after January 1st, so you didn’t have to pay property taxes for the specified tax year.

  • You’ve never owned a car or other asset subject to personal property taxes before.

  • You didn’t owe any taxable personal property as of January 1st for the tax year in question.

  • You’re a military member stationed in Missouri but Missouri is not your home of record (military papers required).

How do you get a tax waiver?

You can get a tax waiver or statement of non-assessment from your local tax assessor’s office. Most offices allow you to get it in person or online.

You will usually need to show proof that you qualify for non-assessment of property taxes.

Acceptable proof can include a new lease agreement, a title or other proof you just purchased a car, a military Leave and Earnings Statement, or other documents showing why you didn’t have to pay personal property tax for the prior year.

What if I was supposed to be paying taxes?

If you didn’t realize that you were required to pay personal property taxes in the previous year, you usually won’t be able to get a tax waiver. Instead, you’ll typically need to pay the back taxes plus any penalties so you can get a property tax receipt.


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