CP14 Notice: You Owe Unpaid Taxes [COVID-19 Update]

A CP14 notice is a bill from the IRS when you owe unpaid taxes. One of the most common situations is if you filed a return with taxes owed but didn’t make a payment at the same time. You may also receive a CP14 notice after the IRS previously notified you it made changes to your return.

Do You Need Insurance?

There are many different types of insurance products that can help you reduce the risk of financial loss in your business and personal activities. Here’s how to decide when you should buy insurance.

How to Protect Your Identity in the Gig Economy

If you’re a gig worker, freelancer, or independent contractor, your identity may be at risk. You’re constantly asked to give out personal information. Sometimes, it’s to companies you barely know. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself.