Paying Missouri Taxes Online

Content provided for general information. Talk to your advisor to confirm the details for your specific situation before taking action.

Most Missouri taxes can be paid online. Where you need to pay depends on what tax you’re paying.

Paying Missouri Income Taxes

Missouri state income taxes are paid to the state Department of Revenue.

Missouri charges for all online payments. Paying from your bank account costs $0.50. Paying with a debit or credit card costs 2% of your tax payment plus $0.25.

If you want to pay Missouri taxes for free, you have to mail a check.

Paying Missouri Property Taxes

Missouri property taxes are paid to your local county tax collector. This includes both real estate property taxes and personal property taxes on things like your car.

Most tax collectors have an online payment option on their website. You can usually look up your property tax bill by your address.

Online payment options and convenience fees vary by county. You can also usually mail a check for free or visit your local tax collector’s office.

Paying Missouri Business Taxes

Missouri businesses may need to pay a number of taxes including employer withholding, sales tax, corporate tax, fuel tax, and tobacco tax.

Many business taxes require separate tax returns. Some taxes, such as payroll tax and sales tax, require you to file and pay throughout the year rather than filing a tax return at the end of the year.

You can file and pay business taxes online using MyTax Missouri. Convenience charges apply including $0.50 per ACH payment and 2% + $0.25 per debit or credit card payment.

Local taxes, such as a Kansas City business license, usually go through the local government rather than the state system.

How long does it take an online tax payment to be processed?

Unless otherwise noted, online payments are counted at the time you actually make the payment. Even if bank transfers or credit card payments take a few days to show up on your account statement, the time you pay is what counts.

Keep a copy of your tax receipt for proof of when you paid.

If your payment is declined or reversed for any reason, it usually won’t count as you having made a payment, and you may have to pay an additional fee.

Can I pay with my state or federal refund?

You generally can’t use your federal refund to pay Missouri taxes, Missouri refund to pay federal taxes, or refund from one state to pay another.

Each tax agency works separately, so you’ll need to receive your refund then make a payment as normal.

In some cases, you may lose your refund to pay other delinquent taxes. However, this is not an option for regular payments.

What if you can’t pay your taxes?

If you can’t afford to pay your taxes Missouri has similar options to the IRS.

Both individuals and businesses can request a payment plan online. Missouri also has an offer in compromise option if you can’t afford to make monthly payments.

See the guides for IRS installment plans and offers in compromise for a general idea of how these payment options work. The Missouri online application will guide you through the requirements for the Missouri programs.

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