QuickBooks Training: Complete List of QuickBooks Training Resources

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Do you need to learn QuickBooks? Here’s every QuickBooks training resource in one place to help you choose the best way to learn QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Training

QuickBooks Training is Intuit’s official QuickBooks training site where you can learn QuickBooks online. They offer over 200 hours of training plus live Q&A sessions and monthly catches.

Now for the big catch. You need a membership that starts at $679.95. If you’re considering DIY bookkeeping, it’s probably because you don’t want to spend nearly that much.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is more than just a QuickBooks course. With your monthly subscription, you can access over 16,000 expert-led courses including QuickBooks and all kinds of other business topics.

LinkedIn Learning offers a free month, so you can either try it out or go ahead and finish your training for free. If you choose to continue, it’s just $26.99 per month.


Udemy is an online learning platform where instructors sell all types of courses to people who want to learn various skills. It has a large selection of QuickBooks courses with thousands of reviews and ratings. Topics range from QuickBooks training for beginningers to highly specialized skills.

The prices for the courses are very reasonable — usually what it costs to go out to lunch.


Fiverr has a variety of bookkeeping and accounting specialists. Some will do your bookkeeping for you. Others will sell you a course and train you how to use QuickBooks.


Fourlane is a free training site offered by a bookkeeping company. It has hours of lessons ranging in level from beginner to advanced.

There’s no catch or trial period. The free lessons help promote the company’s bookkeeping services to people who decide they don’t want to DIY.

Free Bookkeeping Accounting

Free Bookkeeping Accouting is another free training site. They offer hours of QuickBooks Online training videos via YouTube.

Like Fourlane, there’s no catch or introduction period. The company does offer paid services ranging from mentoring sessions to accounting services.

QBK Accounting

QBK Accounting also provides free training as a lead in to other accounting services. There are also some paid course options. If you’re looking for free QuickBooks tutorials, check out their YouTube channel.

EC QuickBooks Training

EC QuickBooks Training offers two services. For $80, you can book a 60-minute training session on Zoom to show you the basics and answer your questions. For $150, a bookkeeper will review your QuickBooks account to make sure you’ve set it up properly and send you a written report.

Simon Sez IT

Simon Sez IT offers training in various business software applications related to IT. Simon Sez IT only provides overview courses, but if you only need to learn the basics and are interested in learning the other software it covers, it’s a good deal.

Plans start at $25 per month.


Skillshare is a learning platform similar to Udemy where independent instructors can posts courses. It has 57 courses in the QuickBooks category.

Skillshare works on a membership model instead of paying per course. The first month is free, and then it’s around $40 per month.

Common QuickBooks Questions and Problems

What tax software works with QuickBooks?

The only tax filing software that automatically works with QuickBooks is TurboTax. That’s by design, since Intuit owns both companies. Don’t let that discourage you from using your tax software of choice, though.

QuickBooks allows you to easily export your transactions and financial statements into a spreadsheet. If your tax software doesn’t read the spreadsheets, you can use the summary reports in QuickBooks to quickly enter your numbers in your tax software.

If you file your taxes with an accountant, just tell them you have QuickBooks. They’ll let you know what access or files they need.

My bank won’t connect with QuickBooks.

In many cases, bank connections not working is a temporary glitch. Come back in an hour or tomorrow, and it will usually start working.

Unfortunately, some banks don’t play nicely with QuickBooks. Banks make more money when you use their website to review your transactions instead of pulling them into QuickBooks. Every time you visit your bank’s website, they can upsell you on things like credit cards.

If your bank doesn’t work with QuickBooks, check to see if you can manually export your transactions to import them into QuickBooks. If you don’t want to do that, you may need to change banks.

Is QuickBooks good for inventory?

QuickBooks has very basic inventory features. They’re best for something like a small retail shop that doesn’t have a lot of different products.

If you have advanced inventory needs, you’ll want to look for a dedicated inventory tracking system that syncs with QuickBooks.

Does QuickBooks support cryptocurrency?

If you accept payments in cryptocurrency, QuickBooks has a number of apps that can track your transactions and update your QuickBooks balances. This is similar to how you need to sync QuickBooks with payment providers like PayPal.

If you’re mining or trading cryptocurrency, you theoretically can use QuickBooks, but a dedicated tool like CoinTracking may be better for your needs.

Can you use QuickBooks Desktop on two computers?

You can use QuickBooks Desktop on two computers, but it’s difficult. You need to save your files to a cloud service like iCloud or DropBox. You also need to make sure only one person is working on your QuickBooks at a time and that they properly save their work to the cloud when they’re done.

QuickBooks Online Accounting provides a modern cloud-based solution. You can access it on multiple computers, and everything automatically saves and syncs.

Does QuickBooks support nonprofits?

If you understand nonprofit accounting, you can make QuickBooks do just about anything you need it to. If you don’t understand nonprofit accounting, you can learn how to use QuickBooks, but it doesn’t provide any guidance to help you follow the nonprofit accounting rules.

Aplos is a dedicated nonprofit accounting platform that you may find easier to use. However, most nonprofits will still usually need to find an accountant to help them do everything right.

Can you import old bank data?

Normally, you can only import a few months of bank data. If you want older data to see your historical numbers, the easiest thing is to go to your bank’s website and export your transactions as a QBO or CSV file. Don’t forget to set the data range to cover the time that you don’t already have in QuickBooks. Then import the file into QuickBooks.

How long can you use QuickBooks for?

QuickBooks Desktop versions are supported for three years. After that, you can no longer use certain features like bank imports and payrolls. The basic accounting functions will work for as long as your computer supports the old software.

QuickBooks Online requires an active monthly subscription. If your subscription expires, you may lose all of your data.

Should you use a monthly bookkeeping service?

Whether you need a monthly bookkeeping service or outsorced accounting solution depends on your needs. If your books are simple, you may be able to make everything almost fully automatic without any outside help.

If you’re spending hours per month on your bookkeeping, it’s often better to hire someone else to do it so you can put that time to better use.

What are some QuickBooks alternatives?

One of the most popular QuickBooks alternatives is FreshBooks. It has many of the same features at a lower price. You can find more QuickBooks alternatives here.

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