Soccer Referee Forms

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A soccer referee’s job is more than just calling the game. There are a number of forms a referee has to fill out.

Soccer Referee Note Cards

Soccer referees are responsible for tracking the score, subs, and cards during the game. There is no scorekeeper.

Many referees use paper note cards. This can make it easy for referees to track their past assignments as they can simply use and keep a separate sheet for each game. The downside to paper is if it gets wet because of rain or sweat.

Write on cards are also popular. While they are more expensive to buy, they save money over time since they can be reused. Write on cards also eliminate any worry about your notes getting wet especially if you get the kind that lets you use a pencil.

Soccer Referee Report

After the game, the referee must turn in a game report. The game report is the official record of the game score, which players played, and incidents during the game.

Game reports vary by league. They may be online or on paper. Some leagues have the referee sign the game report and return it to the team.

Ask your league how to get a copy of the game report and where to turn it in.

Red Card Report

When a referee issues a red card during the game, they must complete a red card report.

The red card report contains a detailed description of the incident. The league uses this information to determine the length of the suspension.

Referees may need to complete a US Soccer Federation referee program supplemental report or some other form. Again, ask your league for details as procedures vary.

Referee Assault Report

A referee assault report is usually the same as a red card report but usually has to be copied to additional people.

Always file a police report if you have been assaulted. State referee associations work for the leagues not the referee community. While they pretend to care about referees, they frequently minimize assaults and allow players to serve less than the minimum suspension or none at all. Assaults and threats are a crime, and you should exercise your legal rights.

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