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How Much is Las Vegas Tax?


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If you’re headed to Las Vegas, you don’t need to worry about Las Vegas tax. There may be other taxes you have to pay.

Does Las Vegas have an income tax?

Las Vegas doesn’t have an income tax. Neither does Nevada.

Whether you work in Las Vegas or hit it big at the casino, you won’t owe state or local taxes.

You will have to pay federal income taxes on anything you win at the casino. The federal income tax rate on gambling is the same as your normal tax rate.

Of course, if you win big, you could end up in a higher tax bracket for that year. See Gambling Tax Guide to learn more.

Do you have to file a Las Vegas tax return?

Since there are no personal income taxes in Las Vegas or Nevada, there are no personal income tax returns to file.

Casinos may have you fill out tax forms to claim your winnings. They may also withhold taxes depending on how much you owe.

The tax forms casinos have you fill out go to the IRS. Report your earnings and claim any potential refund on your federal income tax return.

To see how much you’ll owe, click here to start your tax return for free.

How much is sales tax in Las Vegas?

The sales tax rate in Las Vegas is 8.38%. That includes a 4.6% state tax and 3.78% Clark County tax.

If it wasn’t obvious, Las Vegas is in Clark County.

How much are Las Vegas restaurant and alcohol taxes?

Most Las Vegas restaurant and alcohol sales are subject to the regular 8.38% sales tax rate.

Should you go shopping in Las Vegas to save money?

If you want to spend some time shopping during your Las Vegas trip, it might be worth your time.

Business taxes are lower in Las Vegas than in many places, so businesses can offer lower prices. They also usually do a higher volume that can help keep prices down.

You probably won’t save on sales tax, though.

To begin with, Las Vegas sales tax is higher than most places. Las Vegas also has sales tax on clothes while other places don’t.

Even if your home sales tax is higher, you’re usually supposed to file a sales tax return with your state and pay the difference.

How much is Las Vegas hotel tax?

Las Vegas has two hotel tax rates.

If you’re in the area in or around the Strip that falls in the tax zone called the Primary Gaming Corridor, you’ll pay 13.38%. Areas outside of the primary gaming corridor pay 13%.

Note that resort fees, utility fees, and similar fees are usually discretionary charges charged by the hotel rather than government fees or taxes.