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Code 971 With a Future Date: Get Your Tax Refund


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When you see IRS Code 971 with a future date, it means that your tax refund will be held until at least the specified date.

Understanding IRS Code 971 Refund Delays

IRS code 971 represents a refund delay code, which means that the IRS will withhold your tax refund until they verify some information on your tax return.

When you access your tax transcript and notice code 971 or other codes, you’re viewing the same data that the IRS’s outdated computer system sees. Delay codes instruct the system not to release your tax refund immediately.

Many delays are automatic. For instance, when you claim a refundable tax credit, there may be an extra hold on your refund, especially if you file early. This is because numerous individuals commit tax fraud through refundable credits, prompting the IRS to wait until they receive your tax forms from your employer and other sources.

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