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What is IRS Notice 1445?


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IRS Notice 1445 is a relatively new IRS notice that explains how you can get tax help in other languages.

Why am I getting IRS Notice 1445?

If you use the USPS Informed Delivery service, you might see Notice 1445 in a daily scan of your mail. You might also see the notice number when you open a letter from the IRS. You should not worry if you see this notice.

The IRS now includes this Tax Help in Other Languages Notice in much of the correspondence they send. It’s part of their initiative to spread the word about what languages they offer support in.

What should I do with Notice 1445?

If you need assistance in another language, follow the instructions on your notice. If you don’t, put your Notice 1445 aside. Look for another notice or letter number on the rest of the paperwork. That’s the number you should use when looking up information about your IRS notice or letter.

What languages does the IRS offer support in?

The IRS supports many languages depending on the situation.

  • Form 1040 (Individual Tax Return) is in English and Spanish. The instructions for it are in 20 different languages.
  • IRS Publication 17, which is the Internal Revenue Service’s basic guide to federal income taxes, is in English, Spanish, simplified and traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Russian.
  • Most important pages on the IRS website have translations in Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Korean, Haitian Creole, and Chinese.

How can you get IRS assistance in another language?

If you need tax assistance in another language, visit the IRS We Speak Your Language page. The page has links to 21 languages with important tax information in each language. The pages also explain what assistance the IRS is able to provide in each language.

What is Internal Revenue Code Section 1445?

IRC Section 1445 is something entirely different. IRC Section 1445 refers to withholding taxes and refunds when a foreign person sells real property in the United States. There is no connection at all to notice number 1445.

A 1445 notice is just the next notice number the IRS had available. The IRS started their language initiative after the stimulus checks and Recovery Rebate Credit which fall under Notice 1444. So the language notice got 1445 as its number.