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Pennsylvania Tax Refunds


Content provided for general information. Talk to your advisor to learn about recent updates or other rules that may apply to your situation.

If you still haven’t gotten your Pennsylvania tax refund, here’s what you should know.

Pennsylvania State Tax Refunds

Even though Pennsylvania has a flat-rate income tax, there are still various tax deductions and credits that could mean you’re entitled to a refund. Just like filing federal taxes, you’ll file a Pennsylvania state income tax return each April to total up what you owe and request a refund if you overpaid.

If you lived or worked in Philadelphia, you might have also had to pay Philadelphia wage taxes. It’s unusual to get a wage tax refund for employees because this tax has a flat rate with no deductions or credits. However, if you paid wage taxes when you weren’t supposed to, you can file a refund petition form. Visit the Philadelphia Tax Center to get started.

Where’s my Pennsylvania refund?

Like the IRS, Pennsylvania has an online tool that allows you to check the status of your refund. You’ll need your Social Security Number and the exact amount of the refund on your tax return.

You may not see your tax return for up to a week if you filed online or up to a month if you filed by mail.

The total processing time for state refunds is usually up to four weeks if you filed electronically and eight to ten weeks for paper tax returns.

Why is my refund taking longer?

Your tax refund may take longer if your tax return is held for review.

Pennsylvania may decide to verify your tax deductions or credits. They may also send you a notice of a possible math error or other problem with your tax return.

There is usually nothing you can do until you receive a letter from the Department of Revenue requesting that you send more information or telling you that they adjusted your refund. If you disagree with any changes or adjustments, send a written response explaining why.

If your tax refund status isn’t showing at all, contact the customer service number to verify that they received your state tax return.