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IRS Won't Answer the Phone? Get Human or Online Assistance


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It’s never been easy to contact the Internal Revenue Service, but the IRS not answering phone calls has gotten even worse lately. If you keep calling and the IRS never picks up the phone, here’s what you can do.

Try the Where’s My Refund tool to check your refund status.

The IRS lets you check your refund status online. You can see basic information like when to expect your tax refund or whether it’s on hold.

In many cases, the tool will make it clear that you just need to wait a little longer.

Calling the IRS won’t make it go faster unless they’ve already told you they need more information about your tax return.

Respond in writing when possible.

When you get an IRS notice or letter, respond in writing when possible.

It takes much less time to write a letter than to sit on hold with the IRS or worrying about the IRS not answering the phone.

Once your response is in, it will be handled in the order the IRS received it.

Call at a different time.

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