Ultimate Guide to Tampa Bay Coworking Spaces

If you’re working remotely in Tampa, you’ll probably want to use a coworking space to separate work from home or to get out of the house. There are a growing number of coworking locations to choose from in the Tampa Bay area.

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How to Choose a Coworking Space

There are a number of factors you should consider when choosing a coworking space.

  • Location: Tampa is known for having horrible rush hour traffic, so you don’t want to pick a location that will give you a bad commute. Most people don’t recommend commuting across the Howard Frankland Bridge. You’ll also want to avoid the interstates, Veterans Expressway, US-19, and SR-54 if possible.
  • Cost: Unless you have an employer picking up the tab, you don’t want the costs to outweigh the benefits. Costs can vary widely from around $100 to $500 plus, depending on where you go. If you’re thinking about a bigger apartment instead, you can expect to pay almost double for a two-bedroom as a one-bedroom.
  • Comfort: Some coworking locations are filled with ergonomic chairs and workstations. Others are furnished like a Mcdonald’s. It can also depend on if you’re getting access to general seating or a dedicated desk. Think about whether you can comfortably sit there for eight hours per day every day.
  • Noise: Even if everyone is there to work, work means different things to different people. Some people need quiet, others are on the phone all day, and others work in groups. Find out the vibe of a location before you sign. If you’re looking at a private office as a solution, check whether the offices actually provide sound insulation, as many don’t.
  • Events: Some spaces host a lot of networking events. Some are good. Some are mostly people trying to sell things no one else wants. Ask current members about the quality of events if this is something important to you.
  • Lunch: Think about whether you want to be near restaurants or not. Many coworking spaces are in walkable neighborhoods with food nearby, but others are miles away from anything. If you plan to bring your lunch, think about if you’ll need or want to use a shared kitchen and if it’s big enough to support the number of members.
  • Parking: Free parking is the norm in Tampa. Most places have access to their own parking lot. If you want to be downtown, you might need to rent a space in a garage for $100 to $200 per month.

Tip: If you’re self-employed, you can usually deduct your coworking membership.

Coworking Spaces By City

Tampa City Limits

CoWork Tampa

CoWork Tampa is located in Old West Tampa off Armenia Ave a block away from Columbus Drive. It’s just a few blocks north of I-275. CoWork Tampa is a privately-owned location built in a renovated cigar factory.

It offers a mix of coworking space, dedicated desks, and private offices. Private mailbox plans are also available. Open seating plans start at $147 per month.


Industrious is a national chain that offers office rentals, but they are adding coworking spaces including both open seating and dedicated desks. This is a much more expensive option with dedicated desks starting at over $700 per month.

Industrious has three Tampa locations in Centro Ybor, Downtown, and Sparkman Wharf (Channelside).


WeWork is a national chain of coworking locations. Their Tampa location is located downtown on Kennedy Boulevard.

Plans include hot desks, dedicated desks, and private offices. WeWork does not post prices online. If you travel for business, ask about membership options that allow you to access other locations.

Tampa Bay Wave

Tampa Bay Wave is a business accelerator located in downtown Tampa on Kennedy Boulevard. Memberships are restricted to technology startups and require being accepted into the Accelerator program. Open coworking plans start at $135 per month.


Pipeline is a small chain of coworking and shared office spaces. The Tampa location is located downtown on at 400 North Tampa Street. Plans include virtual offices, flex space, dedicated desks, and private suites. Flex space memberships start at $199 per month.

SOAR Co-Working

SOAR is a privately owned coworking location in New Tampa. It’s located in an office park directly across from Freedom High School near I-75 and Bruce B. Downs Blvd.

It offers both coworking and private office spaces. The coworking spaces are divided into two rooms with one reserved for quiet work. Plans start at $99 per month.

MidTown WorkSpace

MidTown WorkSpace is located off of Armenia Ave between MLK Blvd and Hillsborough Ave. This is not one of the best neighborhoods, and no one locally calls this area MidTown. Even the real estate agents who recently invented the term “MidTown” usually use it to refer to the area closer to the stadium and airport.

Private offices start at $500 per month, and coworking spaces are rented by the hour.

Armature Works

The Bay 3 Coworking space located at Armature Works in Tampa Heights closed during the pandemic. The dining areas still make for a convenient temporary work or metting location if you want a coffee shop vibe.


Regus has many locations around the Bay area. They focus on office rentals but are adding coworking spaces to their buildings.

Their reviews are not great, and I’m including them here more as a stay away, because their aggressive marketing means they always come up in searches.

Saint Petersburg


Industrious is a national chain that offers office rentals, but they are adding coworking spaces including both open seating and dedicated desks. This is a much more expensive option with dedicated desks starting at over $700 per month.

The Saint Petersburg location is located at 200 Central Avenue in the downtown business district.

Station House

Station House is connected to a restaurant in downtown Saint Pete. Their vibe is a little different than most coworking spaces as they mainly seem to focus on networking and events. If your job is more meeting people than desk work, this might be a good location for you.

Thrive DTSP

Thrive DTSP is a privately owned coworking location at 4th Street and 1st Ave. They offer coworking, virtual mailing address, reserved desks, and private offices. Plans start at $99.


The Ring Workspaces

The Ring Workspaces is located in downtown Clearwater. Their workspaces are “designed to enhance human performance, productivity, and wellbeing.”

The Ring offers both co-working memberships and private offices, with co-working starting at $99 per month. Members can participate in The Ring Main Event, which is a Shark Tank-style event designed to help members find capital to grow.


QWorking is located just south of Clearwater off of South Myrtle Area. They offer dedicated desks starting at $150 per month as well as executive suites.