What are the Best Same-Day Pay Jobs?

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Whether you’re short on cash or just like seeing your bank account go up every day, check out these same-day pay jobs.

How do same-day pay jobs work?

There are several types of same-day pay jobs that you might want to check out. If getting paid daily is important to you, it’s important to know how things work going in.

Temporary Jobs

There are many jobs that need people to only work one day or for a short period of time like a weekend. Special events like sports and concerts are common examples.

Many of these jobs will pay you in cash or hand you a check at the end of the day.

Cash Jobs

While it’s less common to get paid cash these days, there are still a few jobs that pay cash at the end of the day. Examples often include manual labor, officiating sports, or any job where you get tips.

Direct Deposit on Demand

Many of the top side hustles offer multiple payment options. You can either wait for a payout every week or two or request instant pay at any time.

If you choose to get paid instantly, you’ll usually pay a small fee of around $0.50 to $1.00. That’s because instant pay works as a debit card refund and costs the company more than a traditional direct deposit.

If you need instant cash to pay an important bill, the fee will almost always be less than a potential late fee. Many people simply like to work and get paid instantly and treat the fee as a rounding error.

What are the best jobs that pay daily?

It’s actually not hard to find a day-pay job. There are many traditional and online jobs that pay daily and are easy second jobs to start right away.

Gig Economy Apps

There are many gig economy platforms to choose from including food delivery services like DoorDash, grocery delivery services like Instacart, and rideshare services like Uber.

Most apps will let you cash out every time you complete a ride or order up to a certain number of transactions per day.

If you don’t have a side hustle yet, it could take a week or two to get started. When you apply to a platform, you’ll have to pass a background check, and some rideshare companies inspect your car.

Paid Surveys

Many online surveys let you cash out to your PayPal account or bank account every time you complete a survey.

You can only make a few dollars at a time, but taking surveys in your free time is an easy way to get extra cash when you’re just a little short on a bill or need lunch money.

Temp Agencies

Temp agencies have jobs ranging from cleaning a stadium after a big game to replacing office workers who called out sick. Many of the jobs that don’t require special skills allow anyone to sign up.

If it’s important to get paid daily, make sure you understand the payment schedule. Some temp agencies pay weekly or every few weeks. Others have the employer pay you at the end of the day. Some charge the employer in advance so they can pay you after the employer confirms you completed your shift.

If you’d rather work through an app than a traditional agency, check out the Wonolo app.


Babysitting isn’t a flashy part of the gig economy, but with people working more than ever and having no time off, it’s in very high demand.

It’s pretty common for babysitters to get paid at the end of the night. If you don’t know anyone that needs a babysitter and don’t want to deal with finding clients, there are many apps that let you sign up and pick up babysitting shifts.

Officiating Sports

Officiating sports is another gig that often pays in cash. This is a job that requires a little more planning ahead since leagues want to make sure they have their games covered.

Many leagues have their teams pay you in cash when you arrive at the field. You’ll also get a workout in and won’t need to head to the gym before you head to your next gig.

Household Chores

Many people post last-minute requests for help with things like cleaning out a garage or raking trees. You may also be able to pick up regular inside cleaning or landscaping work.

When you work for a private homeowner, it’s common to get paid on the spot. There are also apps like TaskRabbit and Handy where you can find work on a flexible schedule.

Dog Walking

Dog walking might seem a little surprising since the dog owner isn’t home to pay you. It’s actually easy to get paid daily as a dog walker.

If you’re helping someone who’s away on a trip, you might ask them to leave you an envelope next to the dog’s leash. There are also apps like Wag that let you cash out instantly.


Freelancers can also get paid multiple times per week even though pay won’t always be exactly instant. If you work through a freelancing app like Fiverr, some pay as soon as your client approves your work.

If you have multiple apps and multiple clients, you’ll usually have pay coming in throughout the month even when you can’t pick exactly when you get money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does getting paid daily affect your taxes?

Taxes go by the total amount you earn not by how often you get paid. The only time when you get paid matters is at the end of the year when getting paid in December versus January can change which year you report the income in.

How much do same-day pay jobs actually pay?

Since there are so many different types of gigs that pay the same day, it’s hard to say what you can make per hour or day. There are many gigs where you can make $100 or $200 per day if you can work enough hours.

One thing to watch out for is that some daily pay jobs pay a little less than other jobs, because they’re using daily pay as a way to bring in more workers. Other same-day pay jobs are in high demand and have above-average earnings.

Can you work from home?

Yes, there are many side hustles you can do from home that pay the same day.


There are all different types of jobs that pay daily. Some will even let you start right away, while others require a little more planning but still let you work a flexible schedule when you need extra cash.

While it used to be that you should use caution when taking a daily pay job, daily pay is now one of the most advertised benefits and is available in many good jobs.

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