What Are You Supposed to Do With IRS Letter 2645C?

IRS Letter 2645C tells you to wait. That’s all it does.

Why does the IRS send Letter 2645C?

The IRS can get overwhelmed with taxpayer correspondence especially around tax season. Letter 2645C tells you that they got what you sent them but haven’t gotten to it yet.

In most cases, they haven’t even read what you sent. Letter 2645C is the equivalent of being placed on hold on the phone or a restaurant telling you your table isn’t ready yet. You’re in line, but the IRS hasn’t gotten to you yet.

How long do you have to wait after getting Letter 2645C?

Letter 2645C usually says the IRS needs another 60 days to respond. If you’ve gotten this letter with a different number of days, let me know in the comments.

The 60 days is for the IRS to review your information and send you a response. The response may be a final resolution or it may be a request for more information.

If you have to send more information, the IRS often moves more quickly the next time around, but it could still take another several weeks to move to the next step.

Can you get Letter 2645C multiple times?

Some people do get Letter 2645C multiple times. Again, you’re still on hold.

As bad as that is, other people still haven’t gotten their 2020 refunds in 2022 and never heard anything at all from the IRS. At least the IRS acknowledged your existence.

What if you get a Letter 2645C for a deceased taxpayer?

The IRS may review any tax return for any reason. Whoever is responsible for handling the estate will need to correspond with the IRS.

What order does the IRS work in?

The IRS mostly works in the order it receives tax returns or correspondence from taxpayers. Different departments in the IRS handle different things.

If you have a more complicated issue, it often takes longer. You may also just have had the bad luck of having an issue that’s getting handled by a very overworked department.

What if I never contacted the IRS?

If you never contacted the IRS, they might be reviewing the last tax return you filed. You normally should have received some other notice or letter explaining a possible issue. Check your mail to see if you may have misplaced it.

Why does my Letter 2645C say to make a payment?

Some IRS letters include information to make a payment. With Letter 2645C, this doesn’t mean you owe money. The IRS doesn’t know if you owe money.

The IRS is reminding you that if you do owe money, interest and penalties apply from when the money was originally due. That’s usually the due date of your tax return.

The IRS doesn’t pause interest and penalties while they’re processing your information. Making a payment now can prevent you from owing interest and penalties later or reduce what you owe.

How do I know what to pay if the IRS hasn’t told me yet?

In most cases, you don’t need to wait for the IRS to tell you what you owe.

  • If you filed your tax return and don’t expect changes, pay what you calculated.
  • If you amended your tax return and don’t expect changes, pay what you calculated.
  • If you’re going back and forth with the IRS on changes to your tax return, you can
    • Wait for them to finalize what you owe and potentially have higher interest and penalties
    • Pay what they’re asking for, keep fighting, and get a refund if you win
    • Figure out if you think you’ll owe more but not as much as the IRS says and pay that amount
  • If there’s some other reason you think you’ll need to pay more, go back to your tax software and redo your tax return. You can’t file it again unless you do an amended return but you can see if you come up with a different amount owed.

What if I’m supposed to be getting a refund?

You may receive Letter 2645C after checking your refund status online and getting code 570. Your refund is still delayed.

There are many reasons for a delayed tax refund. Letter 2645C is telling you that the IRS is reviewing your refund, and they don’t need any information from you. There’s nothing you can do to speed up your refund.

Once the IRS reviews your refund, they will either issue it as you requested or adjust the amount. If the IRS changes your refund or needs more information to process your refund, they will send you a separate notice or letter.

Can you get part of your refund?

The IRS doesn’t issue partial refunds. Let’s say you filed for a $1,000 refund but the IRS says it should only be $500. Common sense would say you can get $500 now, but we’re talking about the IRS.

If the IRS is reviewing something that affects any part of your refund, they will hold your entire refund until they’re done.