What’s the Average Uber Driver Salary in California?

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The Uber driver salary in California can vary widely based on what part of California you’re in and when you’re able to drive.

Average Uber Driver Salary in California

Various online sources give wide ranges for Uber driver salaries. There are estimates as low as $26,000 and as high as $62,000.

The median salaries are a little closer together with most estimates in the $30,000s and $40,000s.

Uber claims drivers can earn up to $40 per hour. Drivers report earnings as low as $9 to $15 per hour after expenses.

It really depends on where you live, whether you’re able to drive during peak times, and how good you are at your job.

How do Uber drivers get paid?

Uber primarily pays drivers by the ride. Pay varies based on the distance and current rider demand versus available drivers.

Under California Proposition 22, Uber guarantees that drivers will be paid at least 120% of the local minimum wage and 30 cents per mile. The minimum pay is based on your average earnings over two weeks.

The guarantee is based on the hours you’re active in the app. For example, if the local minimum wage is $15 per hour and you’re active for 10 hours, your minimum wage guarantee is $18 (120% x $10) x 10 hours = $180.

If your guaranteed minimum is $500 over a two-week period and you only make $450, Uber will pay you an additional $50. If you make more than the guaranteed minimum, Uber won’t pay you more. You also don’t have to pay Uber back.

The guaranteed minimum pay is before expenses. Since most cars cost more than 30 cents per mile to own, your guaranteed profit works out to be less than 120% of minimum wage.

How often do Uber drivers get paid?

Uber drivers have two options for getting paid.

Uber pays weekly by direct deposit for rides during the previous week.

You can also receive instant pay as soon as your trip is over. Instant payments come with a $0.50 fee and you can cash out up to five times per day.

What taxes do California Uber drivers pay?

California Uber drivers have to pay both federal taxes and California taxes.

You’ll have to pay at least 15.3% in federal self-employment tax plus income taxes of 0% to 37% based on your tax bracket.

California income tax ranges from 1% to 12.3% depending on your income.

To learn more, see Uber Driver Taxes.

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