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Whether you need to solve a problem or want to plan for the future, it can be important to find the right professional help. Here’s where to look.

I just have a quick question and want to chat with someone.

JustAnswer allows you to instantly start a chat with a tax expert. They can answer basic questions or steer you in the right direction but don’t offer full CPA or EA services. You can also chat with a lawyer if you have a legal question.

I have a tax problem or can’t pay what I owe.

Tax Group Center offers a full range of tax problem-solving services including IRS audits, IRS notices and letters, tax debts, and unfiled taxes. They have tax attorneys, CPAs, and other qualified tax experts. You can call them 24/7 or contact them online.

Nolo has a directory of tax lawyers who help with IRS, state, and local tax debts.

If you meet income guidelines that vary based on your state and family size, you may qualify for the IRS Low Income Taxpayer Clinic program.

I need to file my taxes.

If your Adjusted Gross Income is below $72,000, you may qualify for IRS Free File. The IRS Free File program provides common commercial software at no charge to those meeting eligibility requirements.

If you need in-person assistance and make up to $57,000 per year, you may qualify for the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. This program uses trained volunteers who are often students under the supervision of experienced tax preparers.

TaxAct and TaxSlayer are popular online tax filing options for all tax payers. They offer free and paid services depending on the complexity of your tax return.

H&R Block and Liberty Tax are popular in-person options. They also have online tax filing software.

I need to make a tax payment (and can).

If you need to make a federal tax payment, the IRS has a central page with all payment options. This includes cash, check, ACH, debit card, and credit card. If you can’t afford to pay now, you can also review your options to handle your tax debt.

If you need to check if your payment went through, what you owe to the IRS, or what the IRS owes you, you can check your IRS account online. Keep in mind that it can take several weeks for transactions to appear online.

I need a lawyer.

Nolo has a directory of almost every kind of lawyer. They also offer DIY legal forms and software for simpler issues.

LegalZoom will also connect you with an attorney and offers DIY tools. They focus more on business law. They do not offer personal tax assistance but do help with estate planning, real estate, marriage, and divorce.

Tax Group Center attorneys can help with audits and tax debts.

I need a bookkeeper.

QuickBooks offers a wide range of options for everything from small side gigs to large corporations. There are DIY and live bookkeeping options.

FreshBooks is another popular online DIY option with bookkeeping, mileage tracking, invoicing, and more.

YNAB is geared towards personal finances and budgeting, but some independent contractors and sole proprietors also use it to track their business income and expenses.

I need insurance for my business.

Hiscox is one of the most popular small business insurance providers.

I need to improve my website, SEO, or content.

GoDaddy is one of the largest providers of domain names and web hosting. If you need extra help with the technical things, they offer WordPress sites with Premium Support.

netfirms is an alternative web hosting provider that focuses on simple to create websites for small businesses.

SEMRUSH is one of the most powerful and popular SEO tools. This is for power users or those who really want to put in the time to learn.

SEO Buddy provides a core set of SEO tools with more hand-holding and a lower price point.

Writer Access lets you hire content writers when you don’t have the time to write your own content.