Why is Instacart Not Showing Batches?

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If Instacart isn’t showing you available batches, there are several possible reasons.

Stores Aren’t Open Yet

Unlike other apps, Instacart doesn’t let shoppers book orders the day before or even sooner. They don’t want customers having their orders canceled at the last minute.

Instacart batches drop when stores open or maybe an hour or two before. Since store opening hours vary, there’s no set start time for Instacart batches.

Stores Are Closed or Closing

There’s no set time for when Instacart stops batches, but you can’t shop after the stores close.

Expect batches to slow down in the last hour or two before stores close. Since Instacart sends out batches in advance, other shoppers may claim those late orders even sooner.

There Aren’t Many Orders

Sometimes, there may be more Shoppers than available batches.

Batches can go quickly in the early morning when shoppers want to get an early start but only a few stores are open. Batches can also go quickly at night once stores start closing but shoppers aren’t ready to start going home.

There can also be seasonal variations in orders. These could be due to holidays, major sports events, tourist seasons, snowbird seasons, school breaks, and more. Depending on what people who live in or visit the area are doing, orders could go up or down.

In addition to what your customers are doing, you’ll also want to think about who the other shoppers are. If you get a lot of college student shoppers, you might have more competition when they’re on break and less competition during exam periods.

You Have a Low Shopper Rating

Instacart prioritizes shoppers with higher ratings. This makes sense because they want to keep customers happy.

If you have a low rating, your available batches could go down.

Yes, some customers do give bad ratings for things outside of your control or for other dumb reasons. If you take enough orders and provide good service, those bad ratings should get averaged out.

If you get your rating back up, you’ll start seeing more Instacart batches.

Other Stats

Other stats beyond customer ratings can also affect the orders you see. This can include things like accepting orders on time, shopping on time, meeting the delivery window, and missing items.

Even if your customers are nice enough to not give you a bad rating, Instacart still wants to make sure customer orders are getting picked up and delivered on time.

Where You’re Waiting

Instacart factors in your current location when deciding which batches to send you. You don’t necessarily need to sit in the parking lot (some shoppers do), but if you’re far away from any stores, you might not see any orders.

Of course, which store you wait by matters too. If you’re sitting by the store on the west side, you probably won’t get an order on the east side.

You’ll want to figure out which stores are busy when and which ones tend to have better-paying orders.

Keep Refreshing

If things are slow, keep checking for new orders. More batches drop when customers place orders, shoppers drop orders, or it gets closer to later orders.

You may also want to check out the best times to DoorDash. Just because one app is slow doesn’t mean they all are.

See also: Instacart’s own post on how it assigns batches.

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