Working From Home Tax Write Offs You Might Have Missed

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If you’re looking for additional tax deductions or want to upgrade your home office, here are some working-from-home tax write-offs you might be able to claim.

When can you claim working-from-home tax write offs?

As a general rule, you can claim working-from-home tax write offs if:

  • You’re self-employed or own your own business
  • You regularly use your home office as your place of business
  • You use your home office space exclusively for business

You can deduct both direct and indirect expenses.

  • Direct expenses are expenses only related to your home office like office furniture.
  • Indirect expenses are expenses for your entire home like your electric bill. You can claim a portion of these expenses based on how big your home office is.

See Home Office Tax Deduction for more details.

Where can you buy things for your home office?

You don’t have to buy from any specific store to claim working-from-home tax write-offs. It does not need to be a business store. You can buy from a regular store or even in a garage sale.

The important thing to do is to get a receipt that shows what you bought and how much you paid.

101 Things You Can Write Off for Working at Home

If you’re looking for ideas for more tax deductions, here are 101 things you can write off for working at home:

  1. Adjustable desk
  2. Anti-fatigue mat
  3. Artwork for office
  4. Backup drive
  5. Binder clips
  6. Binders
  7. Bookends
  8. Bookshelves
  9. Bulletin board
  10. Business cards
  11. Cable organizers
  12. Calculator
  13. Calendar
  14. Chair mat
  15. Charging station
  16. Clipboard
  17. Computer chair
  18. Computer desk
  19. Computer monitor
  20. Computer mouse
  21. Computer speakers
  22. Copy paper
  23. Desk lamp
  24. Desk organizer
  25. Desktop computer
  26. Document scanner
  27. Dry erase board
  28. Dry erase markers
  29. Envelopes
  30. Ergonomic keyboard
  31. Ergonomic mouse pad
  32. External hard drive
  33. File cabinet
  34. File folders
  35. Filing trays
  36. Fireproof safe
  37. Floor mat
  38. Footrest
  39. HDMI cable
  40. Headset
  41. Hole punch
  42. Ink cartridges
  43. Keyboard tray
  44. Label maker
  45. Label tape
  46. Laptop
  47. Laptop bag
  48. Laptop cooling pad
  49. Laptop stand
  50. Laser pointer
  51. Letter opener
  52. Mailing labels
  53. Monitor stand
  54. Mouse pad
  55. Multi-outlet surge protector
  56. Network switch
  57. Office chair
  58. Office plants
  59. Office phone
  60. Office printer
  61. Paper clips
  62. Paper shredder
  63. Pen holder
  64. Pencil sharpener
  65. Pens
  66. Phone charger
  67. Post-it notes
  68. Power strip
  69. Printer stand
  70. Projector
  71. Projector screen
  72. Rubber bands
  73. Ruler
  74. Scanner
  75. Screen cleaning wipes
  76. Screen protector
  77. Shipping tape
  78. Shredder oil
  79. Stapler
  80. Staple remover
  81. Staples
  82. Storage bins
  83. Surge protector
  84. Tape dispenser
  85. Toner cartridges
  86. Trash can
  87. Trash bags
  88. USB flash drive
  89. USB hub
  90. Video conferencing equipment
  91. Wall clock
  92. Webcam
  93. Whiteboard cleaner
  94. Whiteboard eraser
  95. WiFi router
  96. Wireless keyboard
  97. Wireless mouse
  98. Wrist rest
  99. Writing pads
  100. Zip ties
  101. Zippered pouches

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